Gem Silica

Here we have one of my favorite gemstones. The intense color is reminiscent of floating in the water off the coast of an Italian island (my favorite, Palmarola,  comes to mind!).

I was lucky enough to find a few gorgeous pieces that were faceted - and that is very rare. I was already completely in love with the color and the faceted cut was appealing for my architectural design. We have a few of these unique necklaces and rings coming soon. 

Gem silica is a bluish green to greenish blue variety of chalcedony that receives its vivid color from the presence of copper. It is often known as "chrysocolla chalcedony" or "gem silica chrysocolla." Chrysocolla being the copper mineral that ranges from turquoise blue to blue-green, and is typically translucent to opaque, with Gem Silica being the silicated version (meaning it is mixed with quartz). It is valued for its bright and consistent turquoise color and high level of translucency.

Gem silica is the most valuable variety of chalcedony selling for over $100 per carat. The best specimens have a pleasing blue color with strong saturation.

Even though gem silica is one of the most beautiful blue gemstones, most people have never heard of it. That is because it is a very rare gem. It is seldom seen in jewelry and is used mainly by a small number of high-end jewelry designers.

gem silica and diamond ring

In Metaphysical terms, Gem Silica is a wonderful gemstone to wear if communication is important to you. It is said to strengthen the 5th Chakra (Throat) and also aids the Heart (4th) and Third Eye (6th).  Gem Silica is an ideal gem for speakers, teachers and singers. It calms the heart and allows compassion to flow (towards self and others) and also increases intuition.


Only a few locations have produced noteworthy amounts of gem silica. 

The Miami-Inspiration Mine in Arizona is the best recent source of high-quality gem silica.